Recognize the Causes of Dilute Sperm and How to Overcome It

Dilute sperm or clear, thin semen is a temporary condition and is generally not a serious health disorder. However, these conditions may indicate the possibility of fertility problems. Here are some of the causes and ways to deal with watery sperm that you need to know. Semen is a sperm-filled fluid that is released through the penis when a man ejaculates. Semen serves as a medium for transporting sperm to the egg in the process of fertilization. Normally, semen has a thick consistency and is white or grayish when released. The semen that has been expelled will melt after 5-40 minutes. Various Conditions That Cause Dilute Sperm Dilute semen or sperm occurs when the body produces sperm in low or below average normal sperm counts. Before reviewing how to treat runny sperm, it helps you know what causes sperm runny so that the treatment is carried out according to the conditions. The density and color of semen can change due to several factors and certain conditions. Here are some
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